How To Success in Forex Trading

We get lot of common question on our emails from beginning traders they asking same questions such as like this qualities "how to succeed in forex trading”, “how to gain forex trade", "I'm new", can you give me tips for trading" ,That’s why we write this article.

Huge Amount of trader Fail/Loss in Forex Trading Like 95%:
95% of traders fail/loss their first year or beginning on trading. If you are new on forex trading and frustrated let me tell you I want to know exactly how you feel. When I started trade out I made every mistake you could. First I tried scalping - I just sold if I saw a huge green stick and bought when I saw a big red one. Then I made a few pips at a time. If I got too far "in the red" I just bought more lots to get better "net position". That works great for few weeks until one giant loss, where I had bought three extra lots to "get a net position" wiped out all of my profits and then some! Big mistake.

I tried to traded with the news (fundamental events). There was always a rise or decrease with interest rate changes and all you had to do was buy or sell in the right direction, right? It sounded simple. In practice it's a lot complicated. When news moves the market’s liquidity down like a hailstone, so you never get the entry you wanted - sometimes it‘s 20-30 pips away from where you tried to enter! The market next tends to whipsaw, knock out stops or even going the wrong direction you would expect it to ("buy the rumor, sell the news"). Again, Big Mistake.

Tricks of success on Forex Trading
• Use a practice account:- and go back to a practice account every time you start to lose confidence or a significant portion your equity. You should use a practice account until you've got your trades down to a science. You should get your trade style down to a consistent, systematic approach. Do the same thing every time. The hardest thing about trading real money is the emotions. When using a demo/practice account it is no problem to trade 2 lots with a 50 pips stop - the setup and risk/reward looks good right? When you start trade on real money all you can think of is that you have 2 lot size and 50-pip stops (or 500$ It's depending on your leverage) at risk that you don't want to lose. Practicing over and over with the demo account gives you the confidence to say: "you've seen this chart setup over and over, I know that odds are it will move in my favor. If it doesn't and I take a loss I know that this trading technique is solid enough that over time it will be profitable.
• Journal of all trades:- and review them once a month or once a week. Preferably take a screenshot of the chart when you make the trades so that's when you go back to review them you can see what you were looking at when you made the trade. Write about what was good about the trade and what was bad. If you keep doing this you will find that you start making less bad trade and more good trades. You will be also hone what techniques you like and what works for you.
• Learning experience:- Write about in your journal what went wrong and what was right. Start making less bad trades and more of what you know to be a good trade. Remember that failure for future.
• Every Time use stop-loss:- Every trade you enter you should have a stop loss (SL). You should also at a minimum know what are your goals take-profit (TP) levels. If you are a beginner you should have both a predefined stop-loss and take-profit.
• Made Educate yourself:- Read some books: We provide Some special books for all to learn forex trading This all books are awesome.
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